Taylor Swift shakes it off with Shake It Off at German Radio Awards

Taylor Swift, the US country singer, made an appearance at German Radio Awards 2014 where she performed her newest chart topping number Shake It Off. Revealing her midriff in a 2 piece black outfit along with matching heels, Taylor’s live performance was observably more kept down compared to her earlier performance of Shake It Off at MTV Video Music Awards 2014 – with little dancing and also no costume alterations.

Still, she keeps the feel of the track alive as she works the stage with her known fierce carefree attitude and confidence inspired by lyrics of the track. In the meantime, in the US, her track Shake it Off has sold around 900000 unites digitally during its 1st two weeks since release, as per Nielsen Soundscan. The track currently holds the number one position on both Billboard Hot Hundred as well as iTunes Bestselling Singles.

Meanwhile, recently, Us country singer Taylor Swift ditched her trademark red lipstick in favor of a makeup free selfie on 3rd November, in London. Taylor Swift uploaded a snap on Instagram with the caption: “As it turns out, you don’t know how much you love monogrammed pillows until London provides you with monogrammed pillows
Well, we certainly love her confidence. She took the selfie while she was relaxing in London, which is one of her favorite cities in the world. It is cool how Taylor allowed her fans to get into her personal life.

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