Eydon pub embraces blues music

Live music from 8 different bands over 2 days and a huge range of drinks will be there at a beer festival in a pub. The Eydon Beer Festival is all set to take place at Royal Oak pub and it will start tomorrow and will go on till the next day. The show will start on Friday at 7.30 pm.

Hampton Roads' young musicians ramble toward blues glory

Blues music has flourished several in Hampton Roads for many years, but recently a new group of young singers and players has raised a rumpus across the whole region and well beyond that. On the Peninsula, music artists as young as eleven years old are playing blues music at such a high level that the have started to win win awards as well as getting invited to play at top events in Memphis and Chicago.

Aurora musician loves blues music

Jamie MacDonald of Aurora wound not intend to shake the blues. He is Aurora Winter Blues Festival's director and he has arranged informal live blues shows out of his home for more than ten years.

His love for this music genre was recognized at Toronto's Canadian Maple Blues Music Awards ceremony. there he was named as the biggest Blues fan. His younger brother was also present there and in fact he also has a huge passion for this blues genre.

Local musician think back about the King of Blues music

The King of the Blues - B.B. King himself is coming to Tyler. He will hit the Caldwell Auditorium stage on Thursday. King’s music career spans more than sixty years and more importantly he has established himself a living legend of blues music – one of the top blues musician to pick up the guitar.

Unfortunately, BB King does not do any interviews because of his age. However, to mark his arrival in Tyler, it was right to speak to those whose lives were influenced and impacted by King’s music and his long career.

Inaugural blues festival at Riverwalk

On Saturday it was a beautiful night at the Riverwalk where the very first Bradenton Blues Festival reached beyond expectations. Hands clapped, drinks flowed, Music played and hips swayed. Along with general music lovers, VIP guests also poured in at the newly opened Riverwalk.

Realize Bradenton (the host of the event) executive director Johnette Isham told that Realize Bradenton builds community and economic development. The very first Bradenton Blues Festival can be compared to a home run as it has done both.

Sullivan County arranges first blues festival

Barbara Mensch's profession became photography, but she never lost his love for music. Last weekend, Barbara, along with some twenty other music lovers, went to The Sullivan's ballroom where Rob Canillo, a well known blues artist hold a workshop for aspiring lyricists.

Barbara Mensch said that music has a universal language and it has no boundaries. The ballroom at The Sullivan turned into a hot-spot for that regions’ blues music last weekend. The whole event was dedicated to blues harpist Little Sammy, whose original name is Sammy Davis.

Barnstaple Fringe to offer music in town's wine bars and cafés

Barnstaple's theatre, wine bars and cafes will get rocked over the nest fifteen days with everything, from blues, hip hops to folks along with many gigs. And believe it or not, all are for free. The Barnstaple Fringe starts on 18th October, Thursday. Earlier this festival used to take place during the North Devon Festival in June. Headliners include Get The Blessing, Seckou Keita and Seth Lakeman.

The Kalama Blues Festival is back!

The town of Kalama is ready to welcome the Kalama Blues Festival on Saturday. The main attraction of the event will be Bill Rhoades who is a blues harmonica player from Portland. The Cascade Blues Association has awarded Rhoades 10 ‘muddy’ awards. He was also awarded for the ‘Best Blues Harp Rhoades’. Bill has performed and one of the five acts in the festival and is also hosting a blues radio show on KBOO-FM alongside producing several harmonica events.

Blues Artist acclaimed

Marcia Ball has been playing piano ever since she was five years. But even after tasting success, she never thinks before bowing down to vocalist of New Orleans Irma Thomas. She says that Thomas is her true inspiration and idol. Singer, Piano player and song writer will make an appearance at the Cactus Theater this coming Saturday around 7.30 pm.

New Dimension to Blues

There is a common perception among people that blues is downbeat music and it is struck in a traditional form. But the new album of Janiva Magness defies both the opinions. "Stronger For It" hit Alligator records on March 15 and it dismantles any idea that this form of music is struck in the past. In her album, Magness has redefined blues as "rock n soul" and the album is one of the most fervent albums of the year.

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