Model City Music Fest headlined by Blues Traveler

Janet Mayben was there on a thick blanket next to wooden rails near Zinn Park’s pavilion. The fifty six year old, sporting bright orange hair, told that she really wanted to go the Anniston park early.

She just wanted to get right in front of the band. Janet, who lives in Webster’s Chapel, told that she follow them on Twitter. She has been after them for 2 years to come to this region.

Well, when she got what she wanted earlier on Friday night – when the 5-man jam band played Zinn Park for Model City Music Festival. The fest began at 7 pm and saw 4 local groups perform before the Grammy Award winning Blues Traveler hit the stage. In spite of cold weather as well as a little amount of frozen precipitation, the concert was well-attended by people of all ages.

She likes jam band music – typically characterized by top long sets as well as extended segues between tracks — because of the improvisation involved. She told that one could listen the same track at 4 different shows, and it will be different every time.

Anniston Mayor Vaughn Stewart said told that this concert is not for sissies, and later he said: “Crank up, get warm, we’re gonna party!”

When the Blues Traveler hit the stage, a half-circle of many hundred people had assambled in front of wooden rails.

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