Highland Jazz & Blues

Hundreds of fans will gather around Columbia Park’s main stage area at the seventh annual Highland Jazz and Blues Festival on Saturday afternoon to get a dose of alternative country music flavor that only The Gourds can provide.

But for Gourds’ member Kevin Russell, their fans’ anticipation can’t compare to the excitement he feels about returning to a place he calls home.

“I’m originally from Beaumont, but I moved to Shreveport as a freshman in high school. I learned how to drive here, started my first band here … I just love Shreveport. It’s a beautiful city, beautiful architecture, people are super friendly and it’s a great place to live,” Russell said.

In fact, he loves Shreveport so much, he made it the name of a song about the area. “I started my career in Shreveport in the 1980s. So ‘Shreveport’ is really about my experience of Shreveport during the ’80s,” Russell said.

The Gourds will also include some of their up-tempo party singles, including their ever-popular cover of Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice.”

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