The Blues Festival at Bradenton was a Huge Hit

The sizzling young guitarist, Samantha Fish, who’s been a sensation in blues music, correctly remarked prior to the start of third Bradenton Blues Festival that she felt sorry for those who hadn’t turned up for the event on Saturday afternoon.

Although Samantha uses this line a lot in her shows, everybody who witnessed the event at Bradenton Riverwalk felt the same way. The top-notch blues musicians who gathered around the backstage and stayed there after their own performance for listening to the other performances also felt likewise. Although the organizers didn’t provide any official numbers on Saturday evening, informed guesses indicated that, the crowd was the biggest this year.

Paul Benjamin, an official responsible for booking talents for Blues Festival, told that they had changed the map for making more room. The northern end had more seating, while the merchandise tents and secondary stage had been shifted to provide room to people. The Blues fans arrived from various places in the country to experience the performances in the fest. The audience specifically liked the performances of EG Kight, “Sons of Blues”, Billy Branch, the Blues Imperials, the Jewel Tones, Doug Deming, and Jimmy Thackery. Benjamin selected the acts in such a manner that the audience could easily choose their favorite blues.

The fest included Texas Blues, Chicago Blues, Kansas City Blues, and Georgia Blues. The acts mostly came from the north and few of them from far north. Although they appreciated the high temperatures in December, some artists felt uncomfortable after their sets. Billy Branch, a Chicago bluesman, became the most popular artist. The crowd appreciated his conventional high-energy Chicago blues as well as the blues harp playing.

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