The Blues in Bangalore

Since 2007, Nepal has been hosting an annual blues festival. Called the Himalayan Blues Festival, this annual music fiesta showcases some of the best blues artistes from across the globe. And this year, Nepal’s annual blues fiesta is making its journey into India, staging shows in Mumbai, Delhi and today in Bangalore.

“When I went to Kathmandu some time ago, I saw some fascinating blues music performances. I was surprised to see the love people there had for this genre of music,” says Gurudarshan Somayaji, musician and organizer of the festival.

Somayaji says, “Bangalore has always been a huge fan of genres like blues and jazz unlike many other Indian cities.”

“This show will probably be one of the best nights for all those who want to catch some real blues music.”

The festival will be hosted at B Flat Bar, which routinely hosts live music performances in the city. Samik Kharel, the festival director, says excitedly, “Himalayas represent Nepal and that’s why it’s called the Himalayan Blues Festival. This is where blues artistes from all over come together and perform live music.”

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