Blues and Jazz Festival end in its fifteenth year

Jazz singer Joe Robinson has been regular at Jazz Festival and Rowan Blues. Recently he came off the stage on the 15th edition, which is also the final edition of the show. Referring to the statements of organizer Eleanor Qadirah that this year’s event would be the last, Joe told that it appears more real this year than ever.

If it turns out to be the very last Jazz and Blues Festival, this would have been among the best. With a blend of what Joe termed straight ahead jazz, traditional blues by old and young alike, the event packed a huge variety of music, and it also brought a sizeable crowd to the outdoor event at the intersection of South Church and West Fisher streets.

Joe praised Qadirah’s efforts to book popular acts and keep the festival going, along with Rowan Blues and Jazz Society. Joe told that she has kept going on and on. She is tough.

On the other hand, Qadirah told that their festival is well known. It is known that, when people go there, they are going to see some good jazz and blues. This is what attracted Bernie Mallory as well as her parents, Mattie and Billy, all the way from Huntsville. Bernie told that she was looking for blues and jazz shows. She wanted to explore. She added that her family had planned a weekend to the Appalachian Mountains and since they are jazz music fans, they decided to go to Salisbury.

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